About car.advisor

car.advisor is the customer online rating portal for services related to sales and aftersales experience from the Volkswagen Group brands. For Malaysia market, it is a share portal for Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Brand Volkswagen) and PHS Automotive Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Brand Audi).

1. car.advisor offers the following range of functions

1.1. evaluate dealers

The platform gives customers/visitors to a car dealership the opportunity to publicly rate their visit experience.

1.1.1. Verified reviews

A few days after a dealer visit, the customer receives an e-mail asking them to rate the dealer. If the customer submits a review in this way, we know that he/she has actually been to this establishment – his/her review on the platform receives the "Verified Review" seal of quality.

1.1.2. Unverified reviews

Customers can also rate a dealer by e-mail without being asked - for example, the customer does not have an e-mail address or the customer rates a visit that was some time ago. To do this, he goes to the car.advisor platform and thus enters the evaluation process. Both the company itself and the employees (but not in a public individual evaluation) and the service used are evaluated - regardless of whether it is a vehicle purchase or a service. In addition, the customer can write an extra review and recommend the dealer. An overall rating for each dealer is calculated from the detailed ratings.

1.2. search dealers

On car.advisor, customers receive information and opinions about dealers to help them make decisions.
- Customers can search for dealers for their areas of interest on the platform.
- Parameters such as proximity or average overall rating are used to help with the search.
- On the detail pages of the car dealers, customers can take a closer look at the ratings of the dealers and also arrange a workshop appointment.

1.3 Evaluate additional equipment

As part of car.advisor, customers can also rate additional equipment in the car. Two months after purchasing a vehicle, they receive an e-mail asking them to rate the additional equipment in their car. These ratings are implemented in the car configurator of the respective brand on the brand homepage and help other users to make a purchase decision.

2. Disclaimer

All comments generated on the platform in no way represent opinions, views and evaluations of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Malaysia and PHS Automotive Malaysia and are not related to the company. The author is responsible for the accuracy of the information. No ratings from car.advisor or the registered dealers will be changed. However, car.advisor reserves the right to delete certain comments without notice if they contain unethical, insulting or illegal statements or if a character car.advisor classifies as unreasonable.

3. Privacy

The customer is the owner of his/her data at all times and can edit and delete ratings. Ratings are only possible after registering and providing an e-mail address. The user can delete this customer account at any time, regardless of the ratings made. If the comments are also removed, this must be done in a separate step. The verified customer can be contacted by the dealer on the basis of the operational stay data to clarify an evaluation. Ratings are displayed under the first name and the first letter of the last name.